Store Update: We are on Backorder

[UPDATE 06/15/17]

7 days. The countdown is on for the store reopening! We are very excited to begin again - thank you for being so patient with us. The store will open on Sunday for preorders. We are also very excited to be opening with a new palo santo product from a collaboration in Colorado 👀. If you are a storefront please leave us a note upon ordering or send a DM/email and we will include placeholders in with the shipment. If you are an affiliate a separate email will be going out on Saturday. Those currently waiting on orders will have priority. 🌿




As a result of some recent publicity, we have temporarily been sold out of both our supply of palo santo wood and essential oil. If you have placed an order and have received a shipping confirmation email this means your order has been shipped! Not all orders have tracking numbers but they will arrive just as fast. 

As of right now it is looking like a 2-3 week delay before we will be selling again. We are working hard to send out the remaining orders, and we thank you for your patience and continued support.

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- Scott 


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