A 2017 Spring Shopping Guide for Living Well and with Intention

Spring is a beautiful symbol for growth, happiness and hope; a time where we’re given the joyous opportunity to reflect on what we need for personal fulfillment. With all of the flowers blooming around us, we’re spreading the love and telling you what’s helping us be mindful as we shift into a warmer season. 

of the wolves canvas tote bag

1. Canvas Tote, Of The Wolves $15 Pre-Sale, $18 as of May 1st| We love mornings at the Farmer’s Market, but the anti-eco-friendly plastic bags they put our beloved fruits & veggies in make us sad for our planet. Enter this beautiful (and sustainable) bag! Of the Wolves created a nature-inspired tote perfect for grocery runs, overnight visits or trips to the bookstore which puts a happy smile on our faces.

sit with anna logo

2. Private Self-Awareness Coaching, Sit With Anna $50 for 1 Hour| Anna’s self-awareness coaching is amazing for helping us pay closer attention to what our minds and bodies are trying to tell us. Her coaching sessions help her clients feel more fulfilled, especially when you want to wake up each day filled with love and light in your heart. Make sure to visit her inspirational Facebook and Instagram pages too. Her posts are beautifully presented and help us find happiness in every season.

sorrell's healing arts cacao

3. Public Cacao Meditation, Sorrell’s Healing Arts, Prices Vary | If you ever felt you needed a reason to justify your chocolate obsession, now you have one. Rachel’s meditation sessions can be paired with the healing & heart opening powers of cacao, allowing you to enter into profound spiritual realms. If you’re in the Colorado area, gift yourself with the opportunity to grow and find peace with one of Rachel’s cacao meditation sessions.

lemonade lip balm

4.Lemonade Lip Polish, Blueprint Botanicals $14 | There’s something about lemonade that sings the songs of spring so when we found out about this lemonade lip polish, we were over the moon. It makes one of the most sensual parts on our bodies soft, smooth and extra-kissable.

wake up coffee

5. Malawi Mzuzu AB, Wake Up Coffee Company $14 | We admire Wake Up Coffee Co. for countless reasons, but there’s something really special about this specific product. Aside from the joyful fact that the coffee is from a region known for their soil and wildlife diversity, the Mzuzu (the coffee planters) are big supporters of community improvement projects. Plus, they celebrate and honour gender equality, and we think that’s pretty amazing.

spring awakening room spray

6. Spring Awakening Room Spray - 3-Pack, P.F. Candle Co. $28 | We love smelling the scents of the season wherever we go and each of these sprays provides rejuvenation whenever we feel we need to awaken our senses. We’re particularly fond of these high-quality room sprays when travelling, as it provides a beautiful sense of peace while in unfamiliar places.

soup cleanse

7. 3 Day Soup Cleanse, Sprouted Routes, $7 | Sometimes, our bodies just need a reset from all that toxicity, especially when healing from a draining case of the winter blues. We found this soup cleanse to be a great solution when we weren’t so mindful of our diets and needed to give our health a boost. We definitely recommend considering this soup cleanse, especially if you’re gluten free, dairy free or vegan as the ingredients match all of those dietary needs.

all natural deodorant

8. All Natural Deodorant, Rooted $10 | You already know how much we love natural goodness for our health, so you won’t be surprised when we say we’re obsessed with All Natural Deodorant. It has minimal ingredients (most importantly: aluminum free!) and still soothes our underarm skin. It even carries the essential oils of Lemon and Cypress, a beautiful spring scent.

nag champa incense

9. Nag Champa Incense, Still Eagle Planetary Persuasions $2 | Ahh… scents that invigorate the soul. That’s exactly what this incense does. The healing properties that the Mysore sandalwood delivers is out of this world. Calming, transforming, powerful. Much like the many benefits of burning Palo Santo Wood, this high-quality meditation incense has the magical ability to uplift our spirits.

 palo santo sticks

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