About Us

Palo Santo Supply Co. works in partnership with sustainable farming organizations in Peru to package and distribute palo santo wood products, including pure oils and burners made of copper, brass, and stone. Our partners invest back into reforestation of palo santo, which is what makes Palo Santo Supply Co. a renewable venture.
We remember the first experience of breathing in the smoky scent of palo santo - the crisp mint, hazy citrus, and hush of pine - our senses hummed with a new rhythm. We believe there are lessons in the ritual of burning palo santo wood, and with intention, you can exist in the moment, in your dream, in wherever it is you feel at peace.
As a company, we are distributing sustainable palo santo wood because our own access is as important as providing it to you. Our standards are for ethical, quality materials that contribute to the maintained growth of the magnificent Bursera Gaveolens. The idea is to be a contributor to keeping palo santo wood accessible for us, for you and for as long as the earth rolls on.
Use hello@palosantosupply.co for any questions or support.
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