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Palo Santo Supply Co. Wholesale Tier Program for Businesses

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    Palo Santo Supply Co. works in partnership with sustainable farming organizations in Peru to source our Palo Santo wood and Palo Santo products. Our partners invest back into reforestation of palo santo, which in turn, makes Palo Santo Supply Co. a renewable venture. We also work closely with our vendor to ensure our wood consistently has the unforgettable crisp, smoky aroma of mint, hazy citrus, and a cleansing hush of pine.



    We make it easy to get started and earn different levels of storewide discount based based on annual purchase volume - beginning at 30% with a minimum yearly spend amount of $500 USD. The discounts can applied to all products storewide. We reserve the right to revoke a wholesale account if we feel the account is misused or not in good standing. There are no returns permitted on wholesale orders except in approved cases. See below.



    TIER 1

    Yearly Spend Amount: $500-1000

    Discount: 20% off storewide


    TIER 3

    Yearly Spend Amount: $2000-4000 

    Discount: 30% off storewide


    TIER 2

    Yearly Spend Amount:  $1000-2000 

    Discount: 25% off storewide 


    TIER 4

    Yearly Spend Amount: $4000+ 

    Discount: 35% off storewide 


    We ship everywhere in USA and Canada as well as most countries internationally. Please allow 2-3 weeks for international order and 10 days for orders within North America. Shipping and handling charges will be calculated and added to your order total at checkout on our site - and you will receive a shipping confirmation email upon shipment of your order. Orders processed within 1-2 business days.

    Special shipping requests can be sent to



    Payments accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These payments are processed at the time of sale at

    Now also accepting these cryptocurrencies BTC/ETH/DAI/USDC



    Refer another business and receive an additional 3% on your wholesale discount (up to 43%). Please email with the company name of your referral as well as your company name and information so we can track your referral discount bonus.



    Comments (2 Responses)

    04 March, 2020

    Mai Ly Ta

    I want to buy 500$ palo sato for the 1st purchase, so can I have a 30% discount as you mentioned in your blog. Thanks a lot.

    18 August, 2019


    I don’t have a company but would be interested in buying for my self. Do you know of a company that would do that?
    Thank you

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