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Creating a New Moon Ritual with Palo Santo

 The New Moon marks a time of beginnings, of the shadow before the light and the start moon cycle. It is the time when the moon is barely even a shimmer, and just a sliver can be seen at night. In terms of ritual practices, the New Moon is a time for planting seeds and setting intentions in the dark before reaching the light of the Full Moon. This lends itself well to carving some time on an evening of the new moon to do a ritual and to take time in introspection.


Questions you are asking yourself at this time could be:

  • What do I want to bring to fruition by the time the Full Moon arrives?
  • What do I want to achieve this month?
  • What changes have I been putting off?

Because of this type of beginners energy, the New Moon is a perfect time to create a ritual using Palo Santo. 

Why Palo Santo and the New Moon?

Palo Santo can be used at any Moon phase, but it’s properties of cleansing, purifying, and clearing negative energies are particularly aligned with the New Moon phase.


It is a time of clearing the past and re-centering on higher spiritual energies to manifest your intentions for the future - perfect for integrating into a New Moon ritual.

burning palo santo in a tray


How to Create a Ritual

Although creating a new ritual can seem a little daunting at first, it’s actually very easy to begin setting aside time at each phase of the moon to check in with yourself and set intentions. We have some tips to get you there, but whatever you decide to do, it’s important to make it your own by choosing spaces, objects, and activities that are meaningful to you.


Palo Santo can be used as a healing aromatherapy at any point and you can always tune back into the smell and take a big breath in - even that is enough to be a ritual in itself.


sitting with tarot cards, palo santo, and crystals 

1. Make a Sacred Space

The first step in creating a ritual for the New Moon is to create a space that feels safe and intentional. Start by making a comfortable seat with throw pillows or a meditation cushion. You can do this in your bedroom, living room, or outdoor space - somewhere that feels warm and welcoming.


Add crystals to your space that are important to you or particularly energetic on the New Moon, like Quartz, Obsidian, and Moonstone. You can also add any objects that are meaningful or sacred to you, like your favourite piece of jewelry or a photo. Create an area that physically and mentally defines where you will make your intentions. 


2. Smudge with Palo Santo

The second step is to clear the space and yourself using Palo Santo. Light the wood until it is burning at the end, then let it gently smoke. Moving in circles around the space you’ve made will help create an energetic field for what you want to manifest. In Pagan rituals, casting a circle is always the first step. The circle is a sacred shape that allows you to contain and protect your own personal energy and the energy you are hoping to manifest.


After you cast your circle using your Palo Santo stick, you can then begin to move the smoke toward your body to cleanse any negative energies that need to be cleared before the rest of the Moon phases. Move from your feet up to the crown of your head, spending time around each chakra, and moving the energy up and out. Once you have smudged the space and yourself, place your Palo Santo on a small dish so that the smoke can continue to cleanse as you move through step three. 


palo santo smudge in living room


3. Choose an Activity 

The third step is to choose an activity that feels appropriate to you for setting intentions and manifesting. You can journal and write down your intentions for the weeks ahead before the Full Moon, or take note of your deepest desires that you hope to manifest. If you read tarot, or other types of wisdom cards, you can choose to pull 3 cards to get a sense of what you are clearing/ leaving behind, what is an important message for your present, and what you are calling in for the future. Or you can choose to do a meditation and focus on your breathing as you let thoughts come and go without attachment.


Whatever activity you choose, whether it takes 15 minutes or an hour, know that the space you create is powerful in your journey toward the Full Moon and fulfilling your deepest desires. 


palo santo ritual 


Once you have completed the steps, close the ritual with gratitude, by thanking yourself, your space, and the moon that connects us all. 


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Ever since i heard of this Holy stick an got it into my life i have seen a change in my attitude, my sleep pattern, my words that i say, it seems like i can ask an i receive. It is very good . i really enjoy it an i have told all my friends about it..

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