An In-Depth Look At Smudging With Palo Santo Wood

What do you do when you’re feeling depressed, sluggish, and all too consumed by negative energy? We each have our ways of overcoming darkness and stepping back into the light, but have you considered clearing the energy in your field through the ancient and sacred ceremony of smudging? Palo santo wood for smudging works spiritual wonders, whether it be in your home or office space. 

Your emotional, physical, energetic, mental or spiritual body and your surrounding environment are all included in your field.

Whether you wish to combat the negative energy in your emotional field, or you’ve just entered into a brand new environment with a lingering energy different than the one you’ve intended, using palo santo smudge sticks are helpful in improving the feng shui of your surroundings. In turn, this helps free you from the harmful effects that a stagnant energy can have on your mental or physical health. 


Using Palo Santo Wood For Smudging

Traditionally, Native Americans used sage or other sacred plants and herbs for smudging. However, using palo santowood in place of white sage gifts your field with a delightful scent and can also help to avoid allergies.

Using palo santo wood for smudging has countless benefits, starting with spiritual purifying and energy cleansing.


Reasons To Burn Palo Santo Wood

Considered by many to be a holy wood, the Incas have been burning palo santo since ancient times as a spiritual remedy to purify and cleanse. They had a strong belief and understanding of the many benefits to burning palo santo, which are helpful to know before using the fragrant wood in your smudging rituals today. Purifying the spirit and clearing negative energy are common uses for palo santo wood smudge sticks, but the sacred wood is also known to inspire creativity, bring a deeper connection to the divine source, and aid in physical healing.

 smudging palo santo wood

Why Do You Smudge a House?

Smudging is a perfectly safe, healthy practice for cleansing an environment and uplifting the energy in the room, whether it be at your home or office. Space clearing by the act of smudging should be thoroughly done multiple times a year. The smudging process can be done to cleanse the room after an argument, if you’re new to the space, you’ve just had guests, or the energy doesn’t feel right in the environment.


Supplies Needed For Smudging A House

  • Palo santo wood sticks
  • A candle
  • Matches
  • A fireproof container


How Do You Smudge A House?

Make sure when choosing a time to smudge your home or office, it’s during a moment when you’ll have quiet, alone time for about 10-15 minutes. You want to ensure you’ll be able to complete the art of smudging undisturbed.


Place the candle, fireproof container and smudge sticks on a sturdy surface like a table or desk. Allow yourself to focus your energy and light the candle. Light the tip of your palo santo wood stick with the candle, let it burn for about 30 seconds so the flame catches. You can gently wave the stick around to help the smoke accumulate. Once smoke arises from the ember, you’re ready to say your prayer. This is a personal experience, so the intention you set is completely up to you. A common prayer when smudging is asking the good spirits in your field to please stay, while requesting the negative spirits to please leave.


While staying connected to your breathing, start at the front door of your home and gently wave the smoke in the air. Going clockwise around your entire house, make sure to smudge the corners of the home as it’s believed that’s where the most stagnant energy resides. Ensure to smudge closets, doors, the laundry room, basement, and even the garage. Once every room, corner and door has been smudged, you’re ready for the final step.


When you’re all finished the simple act of smudging your home, you should be back where you started. While staying connected to your breathing, gently extinguish the smudge stick and place it in the fireproof container for the ember to die out naturally. Any ashes leftover should be treated with intention by spreading them around the earth outside of the environment you’ve smudged in.


Palo santo wood can be relit, so once you’re all finished, pack up your materials until you’re ready to cleanse your space once again.


With your free hand, try holding the smoke and bringing it over your heart, your eyes, your third eye, and your head, remembering to connect with each area you’ve smudged and feeling love and light in your heart.


How Do You Smudge Your Body?

Some people enjoy smudging their own body before or after the act of space clearing their house. However, it’s also common to smudge your own, or someone else’s body, if you wish to independently revive the energy within that you’ve intended.


Once your palo santosmudge stick is lit, breathe deeply, stay connected, and guide the smoke toward the field surrounding your body, starting above your head. Continue swaying the smoke waves toward your body’s energy, allowing the smoke to overtake every area of your surrounding field all the way down to your feet.


Using palo santo in the ancient ritual of smudging is a great way to feel at peace within yourself, reawaken your senses, and continue on your journey towards living a life filled with love, self-growth, and happiness.

We wish you many days filled by living your true intent.

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