palo santo tea

How to Make Palo Santo Tea

For many, palo santo wood has an almost mystical ability to instil a sense of peace. The aroma of the wood itself is warm and delicately sweet. When used as a smudge, hints of mint, citrus, and light pine will fill the air as tranquility washes over you.

Palo Santo is a healing wood. A spiritual wood. A wood that evokes mindfulness and being in the moment.

Burning palo santo wood for smudging is among the most popular methods to explore its blessings but if you haven’t yet used it to make tea, you’re truly missing out!

palo santo tea

Benefits of Drinking Palo Santo Tea

Beyond its energy cleansing and creativity boosting properties, Palo Santo has many other benefits. Historically, it has been a source of traditional medicine in South America used to relieve colds, flu symptoms, asthma, headaches, and inflammation.

Beyond boosting your immune system, this “Holy Wood” can also help soothe maladies of the mind and spirit such as depression, stress, anxiety, and emotional pain. These symptoms are common in our modern lives where we often don’t take enough time to get out into the natural world to centre ourselves.

A journey into the forest isn’t always possible so, if you can’t go to nature for its healing properties, you can have nature come to you instead. In addition to helping the physical and mental symptoms listed above, a hot cup of palo santo tea will also go a long way to restoring your spirit when things get you down. Keep some at home and at work for those tough days.

Palo Santo Tea Recipe

Among our favourite palo santo uses is as an energizing tea. You don’t need much as the flavour is quite powerful. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make palo santo wood tea and prepare to receive a mental, physical, and emotional boost with this simple recipe.


Palo Santo Tea Recipe Ingredients

  • Palo Santo Heartwood (1 stick)
  • Purified Water (1-2 cups for every teaspoon of shavings)
  • Honey, Stevia, or any preferred sweetener



  1. Take a stick of palo santo and shave off thin, little bits of wood.
  2. Place one teaspoon of shavings into 1-2 cups of hot water.
  3. Depending on how strong you like it, leave the tea steeping for 10 minutes or more. For a stronger flavor add more shavings.
  4. Pour through a strainer (or brew it in a tea infuser for simplicity’s sake).
  5. Add a little of your favorite sweetener if needed. Honey is a great addition.
  6. Light a candle, grab a book, find someplace cozy, and experience peace!


    There are good intentions in every cup of palo santo tea. Use it to inspire creativity and positivity, to centre yourself and deepen your connection to the world around you, and to heal and protect yourself from all manner of ailments. Or simply embrace it for what it is: a divine gift of peace in a mug.

    Either way, enjoy.

     palo santo shavings


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    Elseta Thompson

    I did not know it could make a tea just some thing in my head told me to chip some of the wood and make a tea, then I went on Google to ask if the wood and the leave could make a tea I decide to make this a ritual sprit tea, daily,.

    Lynette Den Haan

    How is payment required and how long does it take to come to South Africa

    Lynette Den Haan

    Is a permit required to import the the sticks and the essential oils

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