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Benefits Of Burning Palo Santo During Winter

First of all, let’s start by wishing all of you beautiful souls a very Happy New Year. What is your intention for today? For tomorrow? Second, if you’re someone who feels down when the complex season of winter has come, then we’re extra happy you’re here.


There are plenty of benefits to burning palo santo incense sticks year-round, including inspiring creativity, treating physical ailments like asthma and headaches, removing bad energy, and welcoming love and good fortune into our lives, but there’s something uniquely special in using the sacred wood of Palo Santo in the winter, a time when our hearts have a harder time opening up to joy.


Manages Seasonal Depression & Anxiety

Using palo santo wood for smudging goes hand in hand with removing bad energy from your environmental space and inner being. In the cold and dark months, we tend to be prone to the presence of “the winter blues”; you can reduce the side-effects of seasonal affective disorder with palo santo smudging sticks or essential oils, as this holy wood comes with plenty of healing properties to help lessen your personal version of the SAD’s.


Aids In The Common Cold & Flu

Flu season is upon us and sometimes, it’s tough to find a natural solution to rid ourselves away from a runny nose, cough, and fever. Not only can you use the holy wood for spiritual purification and energy cleansing, the healing properties of palo santo for physical illness is admirable. A great way to feel better when feeling under the weather is to learn how to make palo santo tea and drink up its powerful goodness. As a matter of fact, palo santo has been historically used in South America for boosting the immune system; plus, the taste the tea brings is divine.


Reminds Us To Be Grateful

We’re not big fans of the word “bad” around here, so we definitely wouldn’t describe winter as such. Even when we’re feeling blue, there’s good to be found everywhere when you have the right tools. Winter can be trying, but we suggest stocking up on palo santo smudging sticks, setting a positive intention for your present moment, and burning that beautiful holy wood.


This should help in clearing any negative energy from your emotional field while deepening your connection with the Earth which allows us to let a little bit of light into the darkness.



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